Expecting more from it, and praying it fills every hole left since the original, will only lead to tears

It’s easy to forget that Frozen wasn’t the film it’s lead song Let It Go made it seem. It was a fairly standard Disney story, with some tasteful animation, attractive characters and the powerfully viral aforementioned song. Frozen’s biggest hole, came directly in the form of a lacklustre story; a plot where not just little happens, but one that forces its characters into self reflection and a painful lack of discussion. Frozen 2 had the chance to expand these characters, making them as advancing as they pretend they are when promoting them. But, as Disney’s newest release proves, there is still a deep lack of story in the Frozen franchise, and that’s a genuine shame.

When Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) of Arrendel begins to hear a distant voice calling to her, she sets off on a quest with her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) and their friends to discover the lost enchanted forest, and lift a spell that’s plagued the area for over thirty years.

Frozen 2

After setting up its goal so early, Frozen 2 takes an age to get to any form of progress. There’s no long journey to blame, no arduous challenges to pass, just a pure lack of anything; deciding to focus on the characters, not progressing them, instead. The songs this produces are easily some of the film’s best, with Anna’s Some Things Never Change, and the passionately 80’s Lost In The Woods sung by the underappreciated Kristoff, but outside of these songs, there’s still a yearn for something more engaging and involving.

The characters are by and large the same, with Elsa still too cold to really let anyone understand what she’s thinking, while Anna spends every part of her being making sure Elsa remains alive. Blatantly generic, Frozen II has an immense sequel-like feel to it, boasting an entirely predictable plot, which, though not always the kiss of death for a children’s film, often makes it feel all the less worthwhile.

Give it a chance, and enjoy the songs, and Frozen 2 serves its purpose on the most basic of levels. Expecting more from it, and praying it fills every hole left since the original, will only lead to tears, and that’s not really the spirit of what Frozen is about; so try not to do that. Keep calm.


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