This is a piece with the utmost respect for the phrase ‘you do you’

For everything the Brie Larson directed Unicorn Store does wrong, it simply cannot be argued that its heart isn’t in the right place while it’s doing it. Driven by its wild premise, and its ‘against the grain’ style, this is a piece with the utmost respect for the phrase ‘you do you’. It wants to be itself, and becomes itself, slamming all those who accept the repetitive nature of a nine to five life in the mean time. It’s not malicious, but it’s certainly glaringly obvious.

Kit (Brie Larson) fails to express herself in a way admired by others while finishing art school, landing her back at home with her unimpressed parents, who take to constantly nagging her to take a ‘real job’ and fit in with everyone else. Reluctantly Kit agrees, but when she is contacted by a strange man running a shop selling unicorns, her aims become two headed as she tries to please her parents and set up a suitable living space for an incoming horned horse.

Unicorn Store 2

Ultimately, Unicorn Store fails to be as zany, wild and/or wacky as it wants. For all the confetti, the glitter and the weird premise, the film just isn’t strange enough. Larson needed to really ramp up the unicorn elements of the story, and dull the office sections as far as they could go. It feels like a feature that didn’t hit the full heights of what it could do, nor what it wanted to.

Perhaps this comes from its basic settings or its lack of real conviction when carrying out certain parts of its ideals, it isn’t necessarily clear. But there is a certainty that there isn’t enough of anything in terms of the levels they reach. Unicorn Store is a film that always needed more putting into it. The wilder the important scenes are, and the duller the opposite are, the better the juxtaposition will come off. Instead, it sits mediocre, and even though the film intended well, and wanted to be a great tale of someone with a driving difference from the rest of humanity, it just doesn’t reach the heights that Kit could easily have hit as a truly bizarre character.


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