The Grudge makes it far too easy for an audience to categorise it as a garbage horror

Setting out to make a spin-off/sequel but opting to use exactly the same title is not only bold but genuinely quite stupid in the world of SEO optimisation and progressive thinking. It’s even worse when this new film is merely a glued on addition to the franchise, offering little in the way of fresh horror, excitement or any particular driving force.

Investigating the death of a woman whose body was found in a locked car months after it crashed, Detective Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough) is led to a seemingly empty house. Upon entering, she discovers a bloodied woman inside, as well as a second body. Running from the scene and calling for back up, Muldoon begins to be followed by a strange entity, lurking behind her at every corner.

The Grudge

Fueled by empty scares and a story with very few aims and plot points, The Grudge makes it far too easy for an audience to categorise it as a garbage horror. There seems to be a thought that lore and history would make the film compelling and exciting, but all it does is offer up the inevitable, instead of a fleshy piece of engaging storytelling. 

Wasting the talents of Andrea Riseborough and John Cho, there’s an obsession with leaving scenes early, before the real horror starts, or supplying unfulfilled ideas as if they add to the creepiness, not the annoyance. The Grudge is a film that loses sight of what’s important as it becomes overwhelmed by the weight of the franchise.

With no drama, and no real scares, The Grudge is exactly what is expected of a horror film this high in the order of a battered franchise, but there’s no harm in at least trying something different, and that would have absolutely been the best option.


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