February 2017 Films Ranked

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16. Fifty Shades Darker

It’s a squalid, drawn out attempt at creating a film that toes the line of strict guidelines and misses wildly.


15. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

If there are no feelings held towards the main character, whether it’s a fully blown action film or not, how can it possibly expect sadness to be felt for side characters we don’t even know the name of?


14. Gold 

Gold is a dud. 


13. The Space Between Us

It’s a coming of age story where no one grows into anything. It makes martians look ordinary.


12. John Wick: Chapter 2

A character of few words needs dialogue tighter than any other, and the lines written for John Wick aren’t strong enough to hold up in conversation.


11. The Great Wall

Underneath this surface of CGI, is a poorly constructed story which lacks depth in every direction.


10. Patriots Day

The acting is erratic and it does feel overly produced, but it tells its story well while looking fondly at the heroes involved.


9. The Founder

It’s a story that didn’t need to be told. Ray Kroc is a leech and really, he didn’t need more publicity.


8. A Cure For Wellness

There is a huge amount of effort visible in every corner of the film and that really helps to give life to something that was so nearly roadkill.


7. Fences

Fences doesn’t seem to understand its audience.  Just like Denzel’s character, it works for itself and expects the audience to tag along


6. Loving

For them, Love is the pathway to normality. Bending their ideals to give them a better future.


5. The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Movie took on ideas outside of play, opening up a whole new world. The Lego Batman Movie crams everything into the sandbox instead.


4. Moonlight

The visuals are stunningly beautiful and the emptiness of the cinematography is sensational.


3. Toni Erdmann

The business-like approach sits perfectly with the story but underneath the footage is a brilliant script of the highest quality with theories and ideas that are so profoundly human.


2. Hidden Figures

Few films will ever be able to recreate the joy and brilliance of Hidden Figures.


1. 20th Century Women

 Each character’s understanding of the world is portrayed perfectly and the hilarity that comes with it is tear-dropping.

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