July 2017 Films Ranked

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14. Wish Upon – 1/5

A horror made for the Disney Channel

The Wall

13. The Wall – 2/5

The script is not strong enough to carry a film with no plot

Girls Trip (2017)

12. Girls Trip – 2/5

It’s almost as if the film is coated with a glossy layer of fakery


11. 47 Metres Down – 3/5

Almost everything outside the water is pointless


10. It Comes At Night – 3/5

A creepy outward nature displays a strong knowledge of horror without being genuinely scary


9. To The Bone – 3/5

The film does enough to explain the issue, whilst showing how devastating its effects can be


8. Captain Underpants – 3/5

It is chock-full of fart jokes and bum jokes

The Beguiled

7. The Beguiled – 3/5

Leaves no room for any actual shock to take hold when the finale is revealed


6. Spiderman: Homecoming – 4/5

Tom Holland’s Spiderman is definitely here to stay


5. Cars 3 – 4/5

Full of twists and turns, it takes a strong set of characters and gives them purpose


4. Hounds Of Love – 4/5

Weaves its way through a simple plot full of fascinatingly crooked characters


3. War For The Planet Of The Apes – 5/5

This could genuinely be the beginning of a long line of serious natured films featuring animation at their heart


2. Dunkirk – 5/5

Dunkirk is a brilliant piece of breath-taking cinema


1. The Big Sick – 5/5

The Big Sick doesn’t shy away from using a slower pace to allow for a greater sense of inclusivity

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