March 2017 Films Ranked

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21. Fist Fight

I hated this film


20. CHiPs

Avoid at all costs

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19. The Time Of Their Lives

The Time Of Their Lives feels like a children’s film dressed up in a pensioners night gown


18. Smurfs: The Lost Village

Ultimately, The Lost Village is a drastically predictable story with little to no twists making the plot nothing more than a linear bore


17. Certain Women

The emptiness is put across tremendously, but that doesn’t make it anymore interesting


16. Ghost In The Shell

An artist could have the best painting skills and brush strokes but that means nothing if they only paint pictures of blank walls

Trespass Against Us(0)--(None)

15. Trespass Against Us 

All too often do films have a base of something interesting, but aren’t able to bring it to screen in the right manner


14. Viceroy’s House

The facts are very true to life and it manages to explain a complex situation fairly easily, even if it does appear twee


13. The Love Witch

It will be over analysed and hated but there is something within the core of the film that makes The Love Witch fascinatingly different


12. Aquarius

Anyone without an intricate knowledge of Brazilian politics will struggle to understand the full extent of the filmmakers plans


11. Beauty And The Beast

It largely resembles the Beast throwing up in your face for two hours


10. Logan

It’s overly violent and as a drama it doesn’t quite hit the mark


9. Power Rangers

Punching, cheesy relationships, stupid jokes and Elizabeth Banks dressed as a green gold-hoarding hag


8. The Salesman

The Salesman portrays revenge in it’s most vulnerable of forms


7. Kong: Skull Island

There is a clear message set out from the start that director Jordan Vogt-Roberts wants an intense action film packed from the first minute to the last, with every nook filled with all out action and pure adventure


6. A Silent Voice

It’s funny and charming despite its extensive length and it does give value for the invested time


5. Elle

Elle is completely about pushing boundaries and taking it for granted that no one will question some of it’s more alienating themes


4. Life

It is unbeatably tense and the sense of fear this uncertainty manages to evoke is terrifying on its own


3. The Lost City Of Z

It escapes from languishing in its own convoluted plot line


2. Get Out

Jordan Peele has captured 2017 America in a glass full of terror


1. Free Fire

Free Fire isn’t just there to fill its jokes and guns quota

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