November 2017 Films Ranked

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15. A Bad Mom’s Christmas – 1/5

Poor all round



14. The Star – 1/5

The Star is a weak narrative with very little to offer anyone even vaguely familiar with the story of Christmas


13. Brakes – 2/5

It must be admired for trying to do what it does on such a minute budget


12. Suburbicon – 2/5

Suburbicon is not equal to the sum of its parts, taking 2+2 and making an incredibly underwhelming oscar no-hoper


11. Justice League – 3/5

It could have absolutely stolen the superhero scene but has in fact done the exact opposite


10. Murder On The Orient Express – 3/5

Murder On The Orient Express is much like watching the engine tear past, as its secrets and mysteries are deduced from afar


9. Daddy’s Home 2 – 3/5

Daddy’s Home 2 is a throwaway Christmas film that was good while it lasted


8. Battle Of The Sexes – 3/5

These are both fascinating characters and trying to squeeze them both into one film where neither is actually the main focus simply does not work


7. Ingrid Goes West – 3/5

Ingrid Goes West is empowered by its characters, with incredibly modern styles added to age-old stereotypes


6. Professor Marston And The Wonder Woman – 4/5

The film makes the unfolding romance feel natural and unassuming


5. The Killing Of A Sacred Deer – 4/5

There is a distinct sense of historic individuality running through the core


4. Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool – 4/5

Turner is very much the life giver to Grahame just as hers is being taken away


3. Only The Brave – 4/5

Only The Brave is an emotionally charged piece with so much to say and remember


2. The Florida Project – 5/5

Sean Baker has managed to capture the true innocence and sheer joy of being a child


1. Paddington 2 – 5/5

It is a reel of endless fun and the longer it goes on, the bigger the smiles get.

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