October 2017 Films Ranked

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16. My Little Pony: The Movie – 1/5

Lionsgate have put exactly zero effort into making My Little Pony: The Movie even remotely cinematic


15. Geostorm – 1/5

It would have been a lot easier if the tsunami was headed for Butler so the film could just end


14. Jigsaw – 1/5

It struggles for fresh ideas and rehashes old ones in an updated, and outdated manner


13. The Snowman – 2/5

Its final reveal is far more a release of relief than shock

Jessica Rothe

12. Happy Death Day – 2/5

The film floats around with its 15 rating like a badge of honour


11. The Lego Ninjago Movie – 3/5

The comedy it produces is far more placid, with its jokes not necessarily falling flat but certainly not bringing the hilarity that is expected


10. The Party – 3/5

There is a theme throughout focusing on making it a current and topical film with punchingly dark humour


9. The Glass Castle – 3/5

The Glass Castle forces an opinion that did not need to be promoted


8. The Mountain Between Us – 3/5

Elba and Winslet are brilliant and realistically the film’s only highlight


7. Loving Vincent – 4/5

It has to be judged as a film, not as a series of oil paintings


6. Thor: Ragnarok – 4/5

There is just so much to love


5. The Ritual – 4/5

There is far more to the picture than friends on a spooky holiday


4. Breathe – 4/5

The relationship Foy and Garfield create is passionate and heartfelt


3. The Death Of Stalin – 5/5

The Death Of Stalin has reached the top with its fast-paced drama and punching one-liners


2. Blade Runner 2049 – 5/5

This is not just one of the all-time great science fiction films, but it is one of the all-time great films


1. Call Me By Your Name – 5/5

Not since The Graduate has a coming of age film felt so knowledgeable yet so confused at the same time

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