September 2017 Films Ranked

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15. Stratton – 1/5

Stratton feels like being stuck in gridlock, listening to someone read out a scientific dictionary


14. The Jungle Bunch – 2/5

The effort is just not there


13. Flatliners – 3/5

The horror isn’t scary and the drama is violently cheesy


12. Victoria & Abdul – 2/5

It is this style of lazy period drama that taint the genre for many


11. American Assassin – 2/5

Even Keaton can’t save it from generic action landfill


10. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – 3/5

There is no individual element executed in a superior way to The Secret Service


9. Home Again – 3/5

Just lots to criticise while it plays out somewhat enjoyably


8. Wind River – 3/5

Wind River has a serious problem with a shockingly slow tempo


7. Borg Vs. McEnroe – 3/5

The performances manage to encapsulate the tension that the rivalry brought to the game


6. Mother! – 3/5

This is a film of overpowering confusion with endlessly ridiculous themes


5. The Limehouse Golem – 4/5

Not so much creepy or jolting, but gory and often overwhelming

patti cakes new

4. Patti Cake$ – 4/5

This is one man’s imagination at its momentous best


3. Goodbye Christopher Robin – 4/5

Simon Curtis has created a historical piece that correlates beautifully with the topical nature of a celebrity lifestyle


2. God’s Own Country – 4/5

It’s a bold film, in a world where it shouldn’t need to be bold


1. It – 5/5

Real life is far scarier than anything an imagination could dream up

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