Top Performances – January

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Deserves Praise


Matthew McConaughey – Buster Moon – Sing

A great voice performance, particularly as it is his first effort in the world of animation


Ewan MacGregor – Renton – T2 Trainspotting

The classic monologues are still here, and still wonderful.


Lewis MacDougall – Conor O’Malley – A Monster Calls

Hugely impressive young performance, not only showing true emotion but holding his own opposite a stellar cast.


Good Performances


10. Robert Carlyle – Begbie – T2 Trainspotting

In the first he is a disgusting brute. In this, he is a fully blown villain of epic proportions. It’s the same Begbie just with 20 years of built up hate.


9. Ryan Gosling – Sebastian Wilder – La La Land

A lively performance from a usually understated Gosling. His dancing isn’t the quality expected, but it’s clear her put the work in for the role.


8. Michelle Williams – Randi – Manchester By The Sea

A really marvellous performances but criminally underused. Williams is not given enough time to truly show us her character.


7. Nicole Kidman – Sue Brierley – Lion

A beautiful supporting role from Kidman, showcasing the skills she’s always had but hasn’t been visible for a number of years.


Great Performances


6. Lucas Hedges (Right) – Patrick Chandler – Manchester By The Sea

Angsty and emotional, Hedges allows us to be caught up in his world as a teenager in need of comfort.


5. James McAvoy – Kevin Wendell Crumb – Split

McCoy shows us that 23 personalities in one mind is just as creepy as it sounds.


4. Timothy Spall – David Irving – Denial

Absolutely vile. A holocaust denier with a disgustingly awful persona.


Outstanding Performances


3. Andrew Garfield – Desmond Doss – Hacksaw Ridge

A true hero. Desmond Doss saved the lives of 75 men during WWII and Garfield does him a duty in a heartfelt and powerful performance.


2. Casey Affleck – Lee Chandler – Manchester By The Sea

Full of pent-up anger and confusion, Affleck shows us how subtle he can be, whilst still managing to say everything he needs to with pinpoint accuracy.


1. Natalie Portman – Jackie Kennedy – Jackie

Portman portrays the widow of John F. Kennedy in a spellbinding performance. A woman at the worst time in her life, Kennedy needed to take control of her emotions and her decisions and not let either get in the way of the other.



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